G4, your smallest option

Inogen One G4 is the smallest and lightest oxygen concentrator  of this renowned producer from the USA. Just 1,27kg with the smallest battery. The G4 is your ideal travel companion.

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Inogen One G4

Small, light weight and economical


Simple and clear


On your shoulder or hip

Optimal freedom of movement

Play with your grandchild

Optimal freedom of movement

doing your groceries

Optimal freedom of movement

doing sports

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Inogen One G4

The new Inogen One G4 is a brakethroufgh ion portability. Not more than 1,27kg and so small that you can wear it on a trousers belt.

The operation is just like you know it from the portable oxygen concentrators of Inogen. Logical, simple and with certainty.

The Inogen One G4 is a pulse flow system, like all the other devices of Inogen. With 3 settings en powerful device, suitable for most people that use portable oxygen concentrators.

But, if weight and size are not decisive, we advise you to consider the Inogen One G3. Because the G3 has 5 settings it can still be used if your demand grows over the time in the near future. Besides, the battery life of the G3 batteries is longer because of the larger size of this battery.

Specifications G4


  • 1,27 kg  with a single battery and 1,5 kg with a double battery


  • Height: 15 cm, width 6,8 cm and length 18,3 cm

Flow settings

  • 3 pulse flow settings,  with an equivalent of 1 to 3 liters a minute

Sound level

  • 40 dBA*

Battery life:

  • Single battery till 2,5 hours*
  • Double batterij till 5 hours*

* In setting 1

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