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The Inogen One G3HF (High Flow) is an improved version with 5 settings instead of 4. At setting 5 this small concentrator produces an equivalent of 5 litres per minute. Besides, this new Inogen One G3 High Flow is even quieter. The noise level is 39 decibels.

The Inogen One G3 is very small, has a light weight and offers a huge battery life. In setting 2 you have autonomy for up to 4 hours. If you choose the double battery, then the autonomy is up to 8 hours. This gives you a lot of freedom and makes the Inogen One your faithful companion.
You won’t believe your eyes when you see how super small and light this portable oxygen concentrator is. With its small battery, the Inogen One G3 weighs only 2.2kg and is only 22cm wide, 18cm long and 8cm thick.

Don’t let your need for oxygen therapy limit you. With Inogen One G3 anything is possible. You can easily and comfortably carry it with the standard shoulder bag provided or with the optional backpack.

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Inogen One G3, the proven top of Inogen

The Inogen One G3 was a huge breakthrough in portable oxygen in its time. Meanwhile, the second improved generation is on the market: the Inogen One G3HF. In all these years the G3 has proven to be a reliable solution for thousands of people with a need for supplemental oxygen therapy.

5 Oxygen modes

One of the improvements the Inogen One G3Hf offers is 5-mode oxygen production (instead of 4 on the old G3). In pulse flow, 5 modes means the equivalent of 5 litres per minute which is extremely powerful.

Long battery life

Inogen is known to make economical products that are economical with the required energy. So is the Inogen One G3. With an autonomy of up to 9 hours on 1 battery, the G3 has no equal. And the smaller lighter BA300 battery still offers up to 4.5 hours of autonomy.

And yet compact and light

Inogen One G3 is very manageable and comes complete with a nice shoulder bag. The G3 is 18cm high, 22cm wide and 8cm deep. With the smallest BA300 battery, the Inogen One G3 weighs 2.2kg. With the larger BA316 battery, the weight is 2.7kg. This is the weight complete with shoulder bag and battery.

Who is it for?

We think the Inogen One G3 is ideal for people where the battery life and oxygen production is decisive. Ideal for flying because the battery lasts long enough for a long flight. Moreover, the size and weight of the G3 is still very acceptable. And if the flight is transatlantic, one extra battery is usually enough to cover the longer flight duration. With 5 settings, it is also possible to cope with a sudden increase in oxygen demand in a pressurised cabin.

Pulse flow

Every portable oxygen concentrator offers oxygen at the request of the nose. This is called Pulse Flow. The Inogen G3 responds to the negative pressure in the nasal bulb when the person inhales and immediately responds by providing a puff of oxygen. This detection is very sensitive and therefore the Inogen One G3 can also be used at night while sleeping.


While many people think continuous flow is important, it is often a matter of getting used to. There are of course circumstances where continuous flow is essential, but most of the time no one needs oxygen while exhaling. But when using a CPAP, for example, a pulse flow concentrator does not work. In such a case, the G3 can be set to autopulse. In this mode, the oxygen will come in automatically and in, say, 25 pulses per minute, approximately every 2.5 seconds. This simulates and approximates a continuous flow.

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G3 8 cell < 4, 5 hours, G3 16 cell < 9 hours


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