Aviator kit

Inexhaustible on-board oxygen system


In small aircraft, you need to use oxygen from 10,000ft to prevent hypoxia. Hypoxia causes fatigue or headache, impaired vision, loss of concentration and can even cause sudden sleep and unconsciousness. The higher you fly, the faster hypoxia occurs.

It is therefore mandatory to administer oxygen to pilot and passenger(s) in an unpressurised aircraft from that altitude. But it is advisable to be prepared to administer supplemental oxygen even below 10,000ft. Mild hypoxia can already cause a lot of discomfort and it is known that women need oxygen at an average of 2,000ft lower than men. With an Inogen One G5 / Rove 6 oxygen concentrator and the Aviator Kit, you have access to an inexhaustible source of oxygen for 1 or 2 people. So now there is no reason to use oxygen supplies sparingly and finally consider following the recommendation to use oxygen at night as early as 5,000ft.

Inogen One g5 / Rove 6

The Inogen One G5/Rove 6 is increasingly used to administer oxygen during a flight. This device has a large capacity, up to 1260ml of pure (>90%) oxygen per minute based on pulse dosing. This is enough to supply 2 people with sufficient oxygen up to an altitude of 14,000ft. and 1 person up to 18,000ft. Above that, a nasal cannula may no longer be flown, but a special mask must be used. These masks have not been tested with a Pulse dosing device, like Inogen’s equipment.

One problem experienced, however, is that the battery in mode 6 does drain very quickly. However, the DC-DC converter in the Aviator kit ensures that the Inogen One G5 / Rove 6 can continue to operate indefinitely with the aircraft’s power supply.

The aviator kit

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Inogen and Conec Care

Inogen’s oxygen concentrators have earned a reputation in civil aviation as a reliable tool for travel. Less well known is that the Inogen One G5 / Rove 6 is approved and very suitable as a supplementary source of oxygen for pilots and their passengers during flight. There is no need to worry about running out and refilling oxygen bottles. With an unlimited source of oxygen, the current generation of oxygen concentrators can provide oxygen to the pilot or individual passengers in a one- or two-user configuration up to 18,000ft.


Test results of an old type Inogen with 5 positions

Composition Aviator kit

Inogen-G5 oxygen concentrator


Autosensing 9 to 30V aviation-specific DC – DC converter with cigarette lighter interface. Designed specifically for use with the Inogen One G5 / Rove 6.


Single cannula

A specially formulated kit for the use of the oxygen concentrator by 1 person.


Duo cannula

A specially formulated duo set for use of the oxygen concentrator by the pilot and a passenger or 2 passengers


Spare parts

Additional cannulas and connecting hose

Conec Care

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