Choose freedom with Inogen One!

Oxygene, always and anywhere with Inogen One. Get out, enjoy your freedom, enjoy your life.

Inogen One G3

Inogen One G3 is the most flexible and durable portable oxygen concentrator.

Inogen One G4

Inogen One G4 is the smallest and lightest portable oxygen conentrator in its class.

Inogen at Home

Inogen at home is a breakthrough in stationaly oxygen concentrators.

Now available: Inogen One G5!

Inogen comes with the next innovation: Inogen One G5! Completely renewed with improved specifications. Lighter, quieter and a considerably longer battery life of up to 13 hours with 1 battery!

Feel free with Inogen One

Small size

KIt fits everywhere

Inogen One is small and reliable. Good quality is not related with size. It will discretely provide you with the oxygen you need.

Light weight

Use it with any activity

Inogen One is designed to never bother you. No carrying around with bottles, just a small box  and go! The G3 weighs only 2,2kg and the G4 not more than 1,28kg!

Long battery life

why stay at home?

The battery of Inogen One lasts a long time.  And with a spare battery you can be out the whole day long. No fear for running out of oxygen.

An Inogen One because …!


It provides you with oxygen wherever you need it

Inogen One oxygen concentrators are small and light, so you can carry them around wherever you go


It provides you with oxygen whenever you need it

Inogen One oxygen concentrators  are very economical and the battery lasts for hours. With a spare battery you can even go further


it is fit to fly with any airline you want

Inogen One oxigen concentrators are FAA approved so you can take it with you and use it in any airplane.


Because you can use it 24/7

Inogen One oxygen concentrators can be used while charging, also in the car with the extra car charging cable. This way you always have a full battery when you go out.

Freedom also at Home

Inogen at Home

The Inogen at Home stationary oxygen concentrator is smaller and lighter than the alternatives. And if you try it out you will be surprised how silent it is and how economical it is. The Inogen at Home is for in your home, but can also easily be used in hotel or B&B. There are even people who use it in the camper. That’s what we call freedom!

Try out first

If you want to test an Inogen device thoroughly before buying, hiring is ideal. Certainly with our generous discount scheme for buying after hiring.

If an Inogen device comes in handy, but buying is not an option for you, renting might be a solution.

Try out first

If you want to test an Inogen device thoroughly before buying, hiring is ideal. Certainly with our generous discount scheme for buying after hiring.

If an Inogen device comes in handy, but buying is not an option for you, renting might be a solution.

Choose the worry-free service of Conec Care


Thorough testing befor buying

It is possible to hire an Inogen device and test it thoroughly. If you like it and decide to buy,  we pay back the rental fee  as a discount on your purchase. 


(Almost) 24/7 availability

Normally we are 24/7 available. U can always call or email us with a problem or question. We try to answer as soon as possible.


We have extra time for you

Sometimes it takes more time than average to master the intricacies. This is not a problem, we just explain it over and over again.


Free loaner Inogen during warranty claims

In case of any problems under warranty, you will get a loaner free of charge from us during the repair. This way your vacation is safe.


Hire Inogen during repairs out of warranty

If you did not buy your Inogen  with our Worry Free service, or if the repair is out of warranty, you can easily hire an Inogen with us. This way your vacation is not in danger. 


Hire an (extra) Inogen for your visitor or yourself

Do you temporarily need an extra Inogen for a visitor or for yourself? An existing customer wil always get priority at Conec Care.


we reward our ambassadors

Some customers act as our ambassador by demonstrating Inogen, give information about Inogen and our service and share their experiences. This way you can save for discount.


Save for discount

Many customers are happy with our service and refer new customers to us. This way they save for discount on future purchases, a replacement battery for instance.

How to setup and operate an Inogen One?

How to setup and operate an Inogen One?


Inogen’s accessories

Extra batteries

An Inogen One battery lasts for hours, but sometimes you just need more autonomy than a few hours. With extra batteries you can  go camping in the wild, overcome a power outage and fly to the other end of the world. A spare battery is also a safe choice.


Every Inogen One  comes with a shoulder bag, but carrying things on your back is always more comfortable. Inogen has custom made backpacks for both G3 and G4. Don’t use just any backpack, since you need a free inlet to allow your device to work on fresh air.

External charger

 It is easy to charge your Inogen One g3 and G4 with the power inlet of the device itself. But especially if you have more batteries and use your device very intense, it is best to charge one battery while using the other. This way you have always a full battery available.


Inogen’s Maintenance products


With the modern Inogen devices you can replace the Zeolite columns easily yourself. The columns are vital to the oxygen production of your device. So if you get the signal on your G3, G3HF, G4 or at Home to replace the Sieve beds, you can order them with us and replace it yourself. 

Outlet filters

The Output Filter protects the oxygen therapy patient from inhaling small particles, making regular maintenance and replacement vital to any concentrator.  The output filter is conveniently located behind the removable cannula nozzle fitting and you can replace it easily yourself.

Particle filters

In front of the inlet of your device is a particle filter (the G3 has two) to keep dust out of the machine. It is vital to keep this filter clean every week, but if a filter is damaged, it is best to replace it. This is very easy to do by yourself since you take it of the device every week to clean anyway.

Choose freedom with Inogen One


Conec Care is an official dealer of Inogen. We rent and sell  Inogen in the whole of Europa and through our sister companies also in Kenya and South America.

Call us on +31 85 48 99 400 for an appointment or for more information.


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