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The new Inogen At Home is one of the lightest and most energy-efficient 5 liter per minute continuous flow oxygen concentrators on the market today.

At approximately 8kg, it is half the weight of some other home oxygen concentrators in use today. Additionally, the Inogen At Home runs at very low power consumption levels – which can save you money in electricity costs and can also pay for itself over the long term.

NB: The Inogen at Home is not equipped with a nasal canula, nor standard moisterizing. You can order these seperate.

NB: de Inogen at Home is niet uitgerust met een nasale canula, noch standaard moisterizing. U deze apart bestellen.

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The Inogen At Home is the best oxygen machine for home because it allows you to breathe easier knowing you can move freely around your home. This lightweight home oxygen concentrator is easy to bring with you from room to room, so you are not tethered to a heavy tank in one room of your home. You can continue going about your daily activities inside your home, without worrying about how to move or access your oxygen delivery system. Moreover, the Inogen At Home oxygen concentrator is quiet, so you will get the oxygen you need from this 5-liter oxygen concentrator without the overwhelming noise of other delivery systems. You can watch television, read a book or carry on a conversation while the Inogen At Home oxygen concentrator provides you with a continuous flow of supplemental oxygen.


When it comes to using an oxygen concentrator at home, many people worry about the increased energy use. Since a stationary oxygen concentrator machine is constantly running, it will have an impact on energy use, which could translate to an increased cost on the electric bill. The great news is that the Inogen At Home is an energy efficient oxygen concentrator, so it lowers the impact on your electric bill and on the environment. In fact, the Inogen At Home is significantly more energy efficient that other stationary oxygen concentrators on the market, which could save you a lot in electricity costs, depending on your personal usage requirements. At Flow Setting 2, the Inogen At Home uses just 100W of energy, which is the same as a standard 100W light bulb. Enjoy the energy efficiency of the best oxygen machine for home and breathe better today with the Inogen At Home oxygen concentrator.


Inogen was founded on the belief that oxygen therapy should improve your quality of life, and with Inogen At Home, we aim to provide the peace and comfort that comes with getting the supplemental oxygen you need in the safety of your home. We want you to breathe easier, but we also want you to feel the benefits of the improved freedom, mobility and independence that comes with getting your oxygen therapy from a portable oxygen concentrator. Oxygen treatments should not hold you back, and with the Inogen At Home, you are free to move about your home whenever you need to. Find out how the best home oxygen concentrator from Inogen can help improve your quality of life today.

With the Inogen At Home, you can worry less about how to continue living as normally as possible while getting the oxygen you need. This lightweight home oxygen concentrator allows you to complete your daily activities in your home, without the dread of moving a large tank or using too much costly electricity. Give yourself the gift of oxygen anytime, anywhere in your home. The Inogen At Home is designed to be the most efficient choice for your next home oxygen concentrator, so order yours now and enjoy the benefits of a lighter and more energy-efficient oxygen concentrator! Talk to your doctor about how the Inogen At Home can help improve your oxygen intake and your life.


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