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The Inogen at Home is one of the lightest and most energy efficient 5 litre per minute continuous flow oxygen concentrators on the market.

At approximately 8kg, the Inogen at Home weighs less than half of other home oxygen concentrators in use today. In addition, the Inogen at Home uses very little energy. The savings in electricity costs will ensure a return on investment in the long run.

Note: The Inogen at Home is not equipped with nose glasses or a humidifier jar as standard. You must purchase these yourself.

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Small and Light

The Inogen at Home is the smallest and lightest home oxygen concentrator. At only 8.2kg and a size that fits into a large carry-on suitcase, this continuous flow oxygen concentrator is never a hindrance and always flexible to use wherever you are. It is a plug-in oxygen concentrator, but its small weight and size also make it easy to use in a camper van, holiday home or hotel.

Quiet and economical

The noise level is very quiet at 40dBa. Naturally, the noise increases with the amount of oxygen you request. If you still find the noise disturbing, then you can easily place the unit in another room with an extension hose because of the low weight. The Inogen at Home is also very economical in consumption. With a consumption of 100 watts, this oxygen concentrator significantly more economical than alternatives. These savings can be so high that you will earn your investment back.

Easy maintenance

The Inogen at Home is a modern stationary oxygen concentrator that is very easy to maintain. In fact, regular maintenance is limited to cleaning the outside and the coarse particle filter. It is possible that the LEDs on the control panel emit a warning code. The manual tells you how to read and interpret the code. But of course you can always contact Conec Care to hear what the message is. Apart from a real repair, you can do all the maintenance yourself. Apart from the large particle filter, you can easily change the inlet filter, outlet filter and columns yourself. You do not need a technician for this and it saves you a lot of money.

Also for rent

Because of all the above factors, the light weight and size, the quiet operation and low power consumption, the easy maintenance and high reliability is the Inogen at Home very suitable for Conec Care to rent. We put this fantastic oxygen concentrator worldwide in the rental. For you an opportunity to rent, but also a reference for a responsible investment in this fine home oxygen concentrator.

Traveling with the Inogen at Home

A portable oxygen concentrator is of course ideal to take with you when you travel. But not everyone needs supplemental oxygen during the day. If you only use supplemental oxygen at night an Inogen at Home is an economical choice. If you rely on a continuous flow oxygen concentrator, then the small size and light weight of the Inogen at Home makes it a great travel alternative to a portable pulse flow oxygen concentrator. An alternative is much too large and heavy for that. The Inogen at Home is often used in hotels, holiday homes and even camper vans.


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