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The Inogen One G4 is the smallest and lightest in its class! Currently only available through Conec Care!!!

Never before has portable oxygen been so small and easily accessible. The Inogen One G4 weighs an incredible 1.27 kg including battery and it is only 15 cm high, 6.8 cm wide and 18.3 cm long. As one of the smallest and lightest portable oxygen concentrators on the market, the Inogen One G4 is designed to give even more freedom and mobility without sacrificing performance. With 3 settings (up to an equivalent of 3 litres per minute), you have up to 2.5 hours of freedom with a 4-cell battery.

The set with an 8-cell battery has only 130 grams more weight and is only a little bit more expensive, but it gives you double the battery life.

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Inogen One G4, the smallest topper of Inogen

With the Inogen One G4 has Inogen in its program also a very small and light portable oxygen concentrator for people who are quickly hampered by the weight of a normal sized concentrator. It is a huge challenge to incorporate the extensive technology of Inogen in such a small device. The G4 is a logical step towards smaller and lighter without compromising on quality and reliability.

3 oxygen settings

The G4 has a 3-stage oxygen production which is more than sufficient for a large part of the people who use oxygen therapy. Three settings in pulse flow mean the equivalent of three litres per minute.

 Reasonable Battery Life

Inogen is known to make economical products which are economical with the required energy. So too the Inogen One G4. With an autonomy of up to 4.5 hours on 1 battery, the G4 will certainly last a long time on the road. And the smaller lighter BA400 battery offers up to 2 hours autonomy. Very suitable for use around the house, an errand, a walk in a park. Less suitable for long plane journeys, because you will need to take several batteries with you. For car holidays, however, it is very suitable, because the battery can be charged in the car during use and you can start with a full battery when you arrive at your destination.

Very Compact and Lightweight

Inogen One G4 is so small and light that it can hang from a belt if desired. The G4 is 15cm high, 18.3cm wide and 6.8cm deep. With the smallest BA400 battery, the Inogen One G4 weighs 1.28kg. With the larger BA408 battery, the weight is 1.5kg. This is the weight complete with shoulder bag and battery.

For whom?

The Inogen One G4 seems to be the most suitable portable oxygen concentrator in the market. Sufficient oxygen production for most people and a battery life sufficient for most outings. And yet we do not always recommend this device. We think the Inogen One G4 is ideal for people who mainly stay around the house or if they travel do so by car or camper. Then the shorter battery life is not such a problem because it can be quickly recharged. Conec Care recommends the Inogen One G3 or G5 if air travel is frequent or the oxygen requirement is 3 litres or more.

Pulse Flow

Each portable oxygen concentrator offers the oxygen to the respiratory demand through the nose. This is called Pulse flow. The Inogen G4 responds to the negative pressure in the nasal bulb when the person inhales and responds immediately by providing a puff of oxygen. This detection is very sensitive and therefore the Inogen One G4 may also be used at night while sleeping.


While many people think continuous flow is important, it is often a matter of getting used to. There are of course circumstances where continuous flow is essential, but most of the time no one needs oxygen while exhaling. But when using a CPAP, for example, a pulse flow concentrator does not work. In such a case, the G4 can be set to autopulse. In this mode, the oxygen will come in automatically and in, say, 25 pulses per minute, approximately every 2.5 seconds. This simulates and approximates a continuous flow.

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