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NB: The Inogen Rove 6 replaces the Inogen One G5 in Europe. The Rove 6 is slightly different than the G5 but the specifications are almost equal. Now with an introduction offer!

With the Inogen Rove 6, Inogen sets a new standard in oxygen therapy.

  • The Inogen Rove 6 is the portable oxygen concentrator with the highest oxygen production in the market. With flow settings from 1-6, the Inogen Rove 6 is designed to dramatically increase independence for most users of supplemental oxygen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • The Inogen Rove 6 is extremely energy efficient. This allows you to use your portable oxygen concentrator for hours without an outlet.
  • The Inogen Rove 6 is prepared to be read remotely with a bluetooth connection and compatible with Inogen Connect, the free mobile app. This is practical for several reasons. A user can easily read the portable oxygen concentrator remotely and check if it is working properly. But it also offers the possibility to remotely analyse what problems there may be with the device. Unfortunately, due to privacy regulations, these possibilities are not yet approved in Europe.


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Inogen Rove 6*, the latest topper of Inogen

With the Inogen Rove 6 Inogen has expanded its program of portable oxygen concentrators with a top product. It is a huge challenge to come up with a successor to the G3. The G4 was a logical step to smaller and lighter, but the Inogen Rove 6 brings in the segment of the G3 a portable oxygen concentrator that is worth it.

NB: The Inogen Rove 6 replaces the Inogen One G5 in Europe. The Rove 6 is slightly different than the G5 but the specifications are almost equal.

6 oxygen settings

The Rove 6 has with 6 modes an oxygen production that is unprecedented in this class. In pulse flow, six settings mean the equivalent of six litres per minute. Alternatives with this capacity are significantly larger and heavier.

Unsurpassed Battery Life

Inogen is known to make economical products that are economical with the energy required. So is the Inogen Rove 6. With an autonomy of up to 13 hours on 1 battery, the Rove 6 has no equal. And the smaller lighter BA500 battery still offers up to 6,5 hours of autonomy.

And yet compact and light

Inogen Rove 6 is just slightly lighter than the G3 with a similar size. The Rove 6 and G3 have slightly different proportions but the same volume. The Rove 6 is 21.7cm high, 18.26cm wide and 8.31cm deep. With the smallest BA500 battery, the Inogen Rove 6 weighs 2.15kg. With the larger BA516 battery, the weight is 2.6kg. This is the weight complete with shoulder bag and battery.

Who is it for?

We think the Inogen Rove 6 is ideal for people where the battery life and oxygen production is decisive. Ideal for flying because the battery lasts long enough for a long flight. And if the flight is transatlantic, one extra battery is usually enough to cover the longer flight duration. In addition, with 6 modes, a sudden increased oxygen demand in a pressurized cabin can be well accommodated. When comparing Inogen Rove 6 to G3, the key factors will be whether you are sensitive to the novelty of the Rove 6 and the need for supplemental oxygen and battery life.

Pulse Flow

Any portable oxygen concentrator will deliver oxygen at the request of the user breathing through the nose. This is called Pulse flow. The Inogen Rove 6 responds to the negative pressure in the nasal bulb when the person inhales and immediately responds by delivering a puff of oxygen. This detection is very sensitive and therefore the Inogen Rove 6 can also be used at night while sleeping.

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