Inogen oxygen concentrator rental

Rent your portable oxygen unit

Inogen oxygen concentrator rental offers a solution if you are dependent on supplemental oxygen and your life is limited as a result. Some people hardly leave the house. But with a portable device of Inogen you reclaim your freedom. They are small and lightweight and the battery lasts for hours.

If buying is not an option for you, or if you want to test your Inogen thoroughly first, renting is ideal.


Rate for renting a portable Inogen oxygen concentrator

rental, transport and deposit

Rental rate

Minimum of 1 week

Conec Care rents out both stationary and portable oxygen concentrators of the renowned brand Inogen. The weekly rate for e.g. an Inogen One G3 or G5 is €125. You can rent the same device for only €350 a month. An Inogen at Home can be rented per month for a price of €175. Longer periods on request.

from €125

Transport costs

special transport

Shipping your Inogen rental device costs €100 for a return trip within Europe. Please note that this is not a regular transport due to the value and battery. Other areas are on request.

from €100


reimbursed within 5 days

Inogen equipment is valuable, so we normally ask for a deposit of 250 euros. This will be returned to you within 5 working days of receipt of the Inogen. If damage occurs, we can deduct this from the deposit.


How does renting an oxygen concentrator work?


Decide how you will travel

If you are going on your own, there is no need to ask for permission, but if you are going to fly, it is wise to contact your airline and inform them of your plans and needs.


Set your exact travel dates

You will always receive your Inogen well in advance of your journey.


Determine which configuration you need

Small battery, large battery, extra batteries, external charger, backpack, extra cannulas?


Send a reservation with all details

Name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, dates of travel, your destination and possible accessories.


We make sure that everything is prepared in time

We make the contract, the invoice and send it to you in time. And we will contact you to agree on when you would like to receive the Inogen of your choice.


Contact us for your questions and uncertainties

If you have any doubts or feel unsure whether Inogen is a suitable solution for you, please do not hesitate to call us or have us call you back.

Flying with an oxygen concentrator

Ask for permission

Fit to fly?

Want to rent a portable Inogen oxygen concentrator for travel? All our portable oxygen devices are approved by IATA and all airlines. However, these airlines may ask you for additional information, registration and sometimes even a ‘fit to fly certificate’ from your doctor.

We know that some people just take their device on the plane and use it. But we recommend that you get approved before you travel so that you can travel relaxed.

How long is your flight?

150% battery life

Most airlines require the battery capacity to be 150% of the flight time. Consider this or let us advise you on what you need for your flight.

Tell us about your flight time and your oxygen consumption per minute, so we can calculate for you how many batteries you will need to meet this airline requirement.


Make sure you have everything with you

Take an extra cannula with you!

Flying is stressful for almost every person and good preparation solves many problems. A backpack for your device keeps your hands free for the other things you need to carry or do. Some people only use the oxygen device during their flight. But are you prepared to take the risk of losing, damaging or contaminating your nosepiece and not finding a replacement for it on the return flight? Make sure you have everything you need for a pleasant and relaxing flight.

Have a good journey!

Conec Care

Conec Care is official distributor of Inogen. We rent and sell Inogen all over Europe and through our sister companies also in Kenya and South America. You can visit us on request, but we like to come to you for a demo. We can help you also easily on a distance.

Call us on + 31 85 48 99 400 for an appointment or for more information.