Maintenance Inogen One Portable Oxygen Concentrator

With an Inogen you have an almost maintenance free oxygen concentrator. Yet it may be that you have questions about the maintenance of your Inogen, of course you want to take good care of your oxygen concentrator. Therefore read this blog about the maintenance of your Inogen and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


What maintenance is required for Inogen One equipment?

Actually, the answer is: Nothing, you just have to keep it clean. But in time, of course, there is more to it. Yet an Inogen device is designed for maintenance-free use. The following actions are expected from you:

  • Weekly wipe down the outside with a damp cloth. If you wish you can also use a mild detergent
  • Weekly, or more often if needed, rinse the coarse particle filter(s) and clean with a mild detergent. Then dry well

This is it, more is not expected from you, provided the appliance is used regularly. If you only use the unit occasionally, it is recommended that you run the Inogen One for a few hours every week. You do not have to use it, just leave it on for a few hours. This will drive out any moisture in the columns and ensure a longer life for them. 

maintenance video Inogen At Home

Replace Inogen oxygen concentrator columns (Sieve beds)

With an Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator, you have to change the columns (sieve beds) from time to time, as with all oxygen concentrators. The beauty of the equipment of Inogen is that you can do this yourself very simple. Moreover, your device itself indicates when it is needed. This warning comes in time, in most cases you have 30 days to buy a new set of columns. You can easily order these here.

On the Inogen at Home and G3, you have to change 2 separate columns, on the G4 and G5 the 2 columns are integrated into 1 unit. It is easy to do yourself.

Use the link below to find instructions on how to change the columns on your Inogen model:

Replace columns Inogen one G3
Replace columns Inogen one G4
Replace columns Inogen one G5
Replace columns Inogen one At Home

Replacing filters Inogen One oxygen concentrator

An Inogen oxygen concentrator and 2 other filters. In principle you do not need to change them, unless the device gives a warning that the oxygen quality is deteriorating. Many people replace these filters once a year just to be sure. They are:

  • bacterial inlet filter. It filters the incoming air for bacteria and viruses. It is a kind of hepa filter that lasts a long time, depending on the quality of the incoming air.
  • outlet filter. This filter is located under the valve where the nose mask is connected. It filters the outgoing oxygen to the very last minute particles. NB: It is advisable to change this filter when changing users.

Please contact us for advice or to order filters.


particle filter


outlet filter and wrench

Warning or malfunctioning Inogen One

Fortunately, this does not happen very often, but if you do get a warning on your device, it is usually something simple. It is not always a fault.

Inogen distinguishes between 3 types of messages:

  • a low priority warning; this could be, for example, that the battery is low, or that the columns need to be changed in due course.
  • A medium priority warning; for example, an alarm that the device or the battery has become too hot. In this category there are also some oxygen warnings. You have to take action with these warnings, but it does not automatically mean that the device is broken.
  • a high priority alarm; this requires immediate follow-up and may be caused by a problem in your device.

In all cases, you can check the manual to see what you should do. You can usually solve it yourself by following the instructions in the manual. If you are unsure or cannot get your appliance working again, please contact us or the dealer where you bought the appliance.

Preventive maintenance of Inogen oxygen concentrator

Again, an Inogen device is made in such a way that if something is not right, the device will indicate this. Yet there are many people who find it reassuring to arrange preventive maintenance. That is possible of course. In such a case, we clean your machine thoroughly inside and out, change all filters, read out the logbook, measure and calibrate the oxygen level, check the vital parts and, if necessary, update your machine to the latest version of the software.

If you want such a preventive maintenance, or if you have other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We know everything about Inogen equipment and are happy to help you.

Inogen, the best choice!

If you are dependent on oxygen therapy, you want to sacrifice as little as possible in terms of quality of life. A portable oxygen concentrator allows you to stay mobile and get supplemental oxygen wherever you are. And while there are some alternatives in the oxygen concentrator market, Inogen is really the best choice when you look at it:

  • oxygen production
  • autonomy
  • ease of use
  • durability
  • maintenance friendliness

The competition in the market is always trying to keep up, but then Inogen brings a new generation on the market that is again ahead of the rest.  Inogen sets the standard and is one step ahead of the competition for years. And Inogen combines that with a high degree of reliability.