Handheld pulse oximeter with bluetooth


This handheld pulse oximeter is equipped with an OLED screen. It is relatively small in volume, light in weight and fits comfortably in the hand. The operation of the product is simple and the oxygen meter displays the saturation level, the heart rate and the perfusion index (PI). The perfusion index is a measure of blood flow and can vary between 20%, exceptionally strong, and 0.02%, barely measurable pulse. For an accurate measurement it is necessary that the value is at least 0.05%.

This high quality handheld pulse oximeter is standard delivered with 3 sensors; one sensor for adults, one for children and one for babies. Ask for the possibility to order additional sensors.

Also available are fingertip oximeters with bluetooth and without bluetooth.





Handheld pulse oximeter with bluetooth

A saturation meter or oximeter is a tool to measure the oxygen level in your blood. This value says something about the health of your breathing. Saturation is an important value for people with lung problems, but also for athletes and mountain hikers or climbers. During exertion, in the mountains or in an aeroplane, for example, your saturation may drop. Saturation that is too low can be harmful. A healthy value is between 95 and 99%.

A handheld pulse oximeter is often used by professionals to measure the saturation of others in a nursing home or home care. The large display makes handheld saturation meters easier to read. Moreover, this model is less vulnerable and less likely to get lost.


Compact appearance, convenient to carry.
The. 2 1.5V AA batteries allows for more than 14 hours of continuous use and the automatic switch-off after 10 seconds makes this device very energy-efficient.

Resting heart rate

Resting heart rate per minute tells you a lot about your personal
health and fitness levels. It is a strong indicator of your risk for heart problems.

Oxygen level in blood

Your body needs a very accurate balance of oxygen in the blood.
For your body to perform at its best, the oxygen level in the blood must
be above 95%.


Can be connected to the phone or tablet via Bluetooth, and delivers via
the APP your information and analysis thereof.


Audible and visible alarm when adjustable limits are exceeded


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